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Have you ever felt alone?

Right now there are kids that do and we can help

Regardless of how we feel about the current pandemic, our kids are suffering.  They are isolated from friends, school, activities, and services.  Our goal with Optimum Outreach Kids is the reach those kids in our community that are being isolated and can't get the services they need.

What is Optimum Outreach for Kids?

Optimum Outreach for Kids is a program designed to help those kids who need mental health care but do not have access to services due to financial strain and/or lack of proper mental health coverage.

What do we do?

With proper funding we can provide children with a device capable of doing telehealth services, supplies for telehealth sessions, and 3 months of weekly telehealth mental health services with our Master's level mental health counselor.

How can you help?

By your donation you can help fund this program so that we can help these kids in our community.  We accept donations securely through paypal.

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